GP Vapor Honing

Never Bead Blast your Critical Parts Again!

1. Contact us first and submit a Request For Quote (RFQ). We will contact you before shipping the parts to GP Vapor Honing.

Box your part(s) (max 50lbs) and ship to us via FedEx, USPS or UPS. Make sure to degrease and clean all loose debris or additional cleaning charges WILL apply.

2. GP Vapor Honing will make your parts "Sano" clean!

We will inspect your parts, contact you if we notice anything out of sorts, and then start the GP Vapor Honing process to make your parts "Sano" clean!

3. We ship the clean parts back to you

After your parts have gone through the GP Vapor Honing process, we inspect, box them up and ship back to you — shipping charges will be applied. Contact us to submit a RFQ and start your GP Vapor Honing cleaning process today.

We Specialize in Cleaning Parts

Our team has more than 40+ years experience involved in the motorcross, restoration and automotive racing industry. We know how important it is to have clean parts.

We have a state-of-the-art new Vapor Honing machine capable of handling small to large parts up to a maximum volume envelope of: 30”x24”x20”. We can clean it all - steel, aluminum, brass, machined parts and cast parts.

Parts Cleaned - Happy Customer Experience


What is Vapor Honing?

Vapor honing is a process used for cleaning many types of materials that allows specific control of the surface finish without damage, removal or media embedment of the surface material. Also known throughout various industries as Vapor Blasting, Wet Blasting or Aqua Honing the process utilizes water, air and an abrasive media combined in specific ratios to produce the level of cleaning and surface finish desired. Wet blasting as it was first known was invented in the UK back in the 1940’s and was primarily used in the Aircraft Industry. Since then the process has been refined and adapted to many other industries where it has been found to produce superior results when compared to other cleaning processes.

Popular Applications for Vapor Honing:

– Components for Vintage Motorcycle and Classic Auto Restoration

– Engine components, automotive, motorcycle, marine, small engine

– Machined part finish cleaning and deburring

– Mold cleaning, injection and sand cast

– Critical components, impellers, turbine blades, springs, pistons, camshafts

– Surface Preparation for painting, powder coating, bonding, anodizing

– Antique and vintage collectables and memorabilia

Principal Advantages of Vapor Honing:

– DOES NOT embed abrasive media in the parent material

– DOES NOT remove parent material

– Allows for precise control of the degree of the honing aggression

– Allows for precise control of the surface finish

– Environmentally Safe, non toxic, no chemicals, no airborne pollutants

– Almost any material can be cleaned and restored without damage by the process

– Proprietary blends of abrasive media can be mixed to suite a particular requirement

– Improved material surface strength and fatigue life by the fine peening process involved


GP Vapor Honing offers pick-up and delivery service to Southern Oregon and mail service to all other areas outside of our local service zones. Of course you can always drop your parts off in person. Service charges are based on a $55/hour rate. Time & cost for typical items can be seen in the rate chart below. Time and cost shown for typical items is only an estimate and not an exact quote for your similar part. Since Vapor Honing is a variable process we will not accept mail in parts without an RFQ (request for quote) so please call ahead to discuss your specific needs.

Prior to GP Vapor Honing service, parts should be degreased and cleaned of all loose debris or additional cleaning charges WILL apply.

Max volume envelope of part: 30” x 24” x 20”
Max weight of individual part: 50lbs.

Basic Fee Schedule:
$55/hour Basic Vapor Honing Service
$35/hour Solvent Tank degreasing
$65/hour Proprietary Media Blend Development

Local Drop Off:
Call Ahead!
No Drop In’s! — we are a private shop, please call ahead for an appointment.

Mail in:
GP Vapor Honing
Grants Pass, Oregon
Phone: (541) 647-0244
Call Ahead! We offer UPS and USPS shipping service. $10/part handling charge will apply.

Pick-up & Delivery:
Call Ahead!
See Rate Chart Below

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